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5 Unique Things to Do on the New York Beaches

5 Reasons Why a Trip To New York's Beaches Is a Must-Do For an Unforgettable Summer

New York is one of the most iconic destinations in the world and a trip to its beaches is something you must experience at least once in your lifetime. Not only does the state have some of the best beaches in the country, but it also offers a unique combination of activities, sights and sounds that create an unforgettable summer. From relaxing on Atlantic City beaches to exploring the diverse culture of Brooklyn, a trip to New York's beaches is a must-do for anyone looking to make the most out of their summer. Here are five reasons why you won't regret spending your summer in New York: first, the variety of activities available; second, the beautiful scenery; third, the vibrant nightlife; fourth, the wealth of cultural attractions; and fifth, the welcoming and friendly atmosphere. With its diverse range of activities, stunning scenery and vibrant atmosphere, a trip to New York's beaches is a surefire way to create an unforgettable summer.

Popular New York Beach Attractions

  1. Take a Seaside Stroll: One of the most popular beach attractions in New York is to take a stroll along the shoreline. You can enjoy the beautiful views of the ocean, listen to the sound of the waves crashing on the shore, and feel the cool breeze as you take a leisurely walk. There are many boardwalks along the beach that you can explore, giving you an opportunity to see the wildlife living in and near the ocean.
  2. Visit a Beach Museum: New York has a wide variety of beach museums that showcase an array of artifacts, exhibits, and events. For instance, the South Shore Beach Museum in Long Beach provides visitors with a range of artifacts and exhibits about the history of Long Beach and the significance of the area's beaches.
  3. Relax on the Beach: One of the best ways to enjoy the beach while in New York is to relax on the beach. Whether you want to take a dip in the ocean or just relax and soak up the sun, you can find a spot to relax in every beach town in the area.
  4. Go Fishing: New York’s beaches are a great place to try your hand at fishing. You can find a variety of species in the ocean such as striped bass, bluefish, weakfish, and flounder, so be sure to prepare for the waters and bring the necessary gear for a successful fishing trip.
  5. Enjoy Outdoor Concerts: Throughout the summer, many of the beach towns in New York offer outdoor concerts for visitors to enjoy. You can experience a variety of musical performances near the beach and take in the beauty and energy of the beach town.

Unique Beachside Dining Experiences

  • Sandbar Dining at Jones Beach: Enjoy a unique dining experience right on the beach. Jones Beach offers a variety of outdoor sandbar dining experiences that offer a unique way to enjoy a delicious meal right next to the crashing waves. With options such as a beachside barbecue and cookouts, you’ll be able to enjoy a fresh seafood dinner while taking in the ocean views.
  • Take in a Drive-in Movie at Robert Moses State Park: Robert Moses State Park is home to one of the last few drive-in movie theaters on Long Island. Enjoy a classic movie, along with some tasty snacks from the concession stand. Bring your own chairs and blankets for a truly unique beachside experience.
  • Stargazing at Orient Beach State Park: Orient Beach State Park is a great spot for stargazing. With limited light pollution and an unobstructed view of the stars, the entire Milky Way galaxy is visible on a clear night. Bring your telescope or binoculars and some warm clothes for a truly out of this world experience.
  • Kayaking at Fire Island National Seashore: Explore the unique beauty of Fire Island National Seashore by kayak. The island’s crystal clear waters offer a chance to explore the coast while seeing some of the island’s most unique wildlife. With the many lagoons, inlets, and bays, you can explore some of the more untouched areas of the island.
  • Clamming in the Bay at Smith Point County Park: Have you ever gone clamming? Smith Point County Park is the perfect spot to do it! Use a clam rake to scoop up some delicious clams and cook them up for dinner. You can also enjoy a long walk along the beaches that look over the magnificent Great South Bay.

The Best Spots for Outdoor Activities

  1. Take a Walk: Enjoy the fresh and salty air while taking a leisurely walk and explore the beautiful beaches of New York. You can even bring your furry best friend along to enjoy the day.
  2. Beachside Picnic: Treat yourself to a beachside picnic - a lunch or dinner. As you eat, you can enjoy the sunset and take in the stunning views.
  3. Beach Volleyball: Get active and have some fun with your friends with a game of beach volleyball. All you need is a ball, a few friends, and you can get the game going.
  4. Beach Camping: Take the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and pitch a tent along the beach. Enjoy the night sky and mesmerizing views of the waves as you drift away to sleep.
  5. Kayaking and Surfing: Get a taste of the New York waters and take on the waves. You can rent surfboards and kayaks and enjoy the adrenaline-filled activities.

Finding Accommodations Near the Beaches

  • Swimming: Most beaches around New York offer a variety of swimming opportunities, including designated swim areas, swimming lessons and lifeguard services.
  • Surfing: A number of New York beaches are ideal for surfers of all skill levels, and there are a number of surf schools in the area where people can take lessons and rent equipment.
  • Fishing: Some of the beaches in New York are great for fishing, with a variety of aquatic species including flounder and bluefish.
  • Seeing Wildlife: Whether it’s an egret on the beach or a dolphin playing in the waves, there are plenty of animals to be seen at the beaches near New York.
  • Beach Volleyball: Beach volleyball is an especially popular activity at New York beaches, with some of the most popular tournaments and leagues in the United States having their home in the area.

Finding accommodations near the beaches can be a great way to maximize your New York beach experience. Hotels and vacation rentals to choose from. Many hotels also offer packages that include meal plans, discounted admissions and special beach activities. For those looking for something a bit more unique and secluded, there are also beachfront campsites and RV parks. In addition, there are a number of bed and breakfasts located near some of the most popular beaches in New York. With so many options available, it’s easy to find the perfect accommodations for your beach getaway.

Exploring Beyond the City's Beaches

  1. Visit the Sandy Hook Lighthouse: Located at the northern tip of Sandy Hook Bay, this 239-year-old lighthouse is a great place to experience a piece of history. Visitors can take a guided tour of the lighthouse and learn about the history of this beloved landmark.
  2. Visit the Gateway National Recreation Area: This recreational area, which covers over 20,000 acres of land, offers a wide range of activities from beachcombing to bird watching. With miles of trails, you can explore the diverse wildlife and rugged beauty of the area. Be sure to check out the historic Fort Hancock gun battery as well as the nearby nature center.
  3. Take a Seafaring Adventure: The New York Harbor is a great place to go sailing, fishing, kayaking and more. Explore the coves along the shoreline and see what kind of marine life you can spot. For those looking for a unique experience, there are also charters available for whale watching and other marine tours.
  4. Go Hunting for Seashells: With miles of sandy beaches, there are plenty of places to go hunting for seashells. Plus, there's always the chance of finding rare and beautiful specimens to take home as souvenirs.
  5. Take a Hike Along the Beach: There are many trails that follow the shoreline and offer breathtaking views of the ocean and the nearby city. Enjoy a peaceful walk or a more challenging trek, depending on your preference.